The Sentiment of Patriots

NorthColoradoFlagH/T to RITR for the link North Colorado blog.

Every few days I try to make sure that I have hit most of the Patriot blogs I follow.  Today I was over at RITR and found this post about the efforts of Patriots working to free themselves from tyrants grasp.

The flag you see above is a liberals attempt at contempt.  I think most Patriots will think this is a great flag because it represents a great deal of what we believe in.  The crossed AR’s represent the right to defend family, property, and our way of life.  The unborn child represents the right to life starting with the weakest and most fragile among us.  The oil rig represents industry and capitalism and the right to provide for our families and ourselves.  The pitch fork and the pig represent more than agriculture, to me anyway, it represents a better way of life.

But remember this is a liberals attempt at contempt, these are all the things liberals disdain.  What a liberal finds insulting, we find uplifting.  And to me, this points to the great divide between Patriots and Marxist.  I think this just makes it ever so clear that there is no common ground between us, so how can we share the same land?  The answer should be clear, we cannot.  And if that be true, then we should get a glimpse into our future.  What we see is that some where down the road they will force us into the mold they are casting.  In fact they are trying to do so now.  All they need to ensure their victory is to disarm us.  Then they can either forces to adapt to their ways, forsaking all that we hold dear, or march us off to the gulags for education and the pre-dug ditches for those who still refuse to be re-educated.

There is one paragraph in this that really spoke loud and clear.

The heart of the 51st State Initiative is simple – we just want to be left alone to live our lives without heavy-handed restrictions from the state capitol.  Without the massive over-reach by Democrats in the legislature and Governor’s office, it is doubtful the Fifty First State Movement would even be discussed. If liberals in Denver really have so much disdain for those of us in rural Colorado, then do what grown-ups sometimes do when differences are irreconcilable – grant us our divorce papers.

The idea of a divorce between the two vastly different ideologies seems prudent and equitable to Patriots, but it does not in the eyes and minds of the liberal.  The liberal believes their ideas are superior to all others, therefore they cannot abide anyone living in ignorance.  Hence the idea that others may have their own opinion is, in fact, intolerable and inconceivable.  Which makes them extremely narrow-minded.  They believe they have the right to force us to follow them, the right to destroy all that we hold dear.

There will not be an amicable divorce.  Harden yourselves for the coming fight.

Resist to the last full measure,