The Great Divide Between the Free and the Enslaved

treason-obamaExaminer – Obama supporters sign petition to repeal bill of rights.

Dice’s survey was directed at Obama supporters only. His question? Would they agree to add their names to a petition to repeal the Bill of Rights?

The results were not only astounding but shocking. By a clear majority Obama supporters gladly and willingly signed their names to the petition to repeal the Bill of Rights.

The significance of the survey results cannot be overstated. Obama supporters by and large have the same attitude as Obama himself when it comes to major issues, the U.S. Constitution being one of them. The first 10 amendments to the Constitution is the section that guarantees that government is restricted from violating the citizen rights delineated therein. Obama has stated that the Constitution represents a roadblock to the things he wants to do, that government is too restricted, and that the remedy is a “government bill of rights” that spells out what government can do as opposed to what it cannot do.

Obama’s supporters apparently agree with him. If they had the chance they would discard all 10 amendments that guarantee the rights of citizens against government power. America would thus become another Nazi Germany or Communist Soviet Union.

They will not ignore us, soon they will want to deal with those of us who believe in those inalienable rights.  They cannot tolerate us because they want totalitarianism and they know we will resist it.

There no building FEMA camps for nothing.  Prepare to be rounded up and re-educated or prepare to resist.  Your choice.

I prepare to resist.



One thought on “The Great Divide Between the Free and the Enslaved

  1. Just a point of order, we should ALREADY be resisting.

    By the way, I am curious who people believe are free and enslaved now?

    Personally, I see those of us who are working our asses off, getting taxed to the max, being “forced” to do things the government wants us to do… as being enslaved.

    Those who are living off the government dole are more free…. they just have to follow simple instructions mostly from other uneducated “believers” to get their Obamaphones and Obamacash….

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