Never Trust the Political Class

120319_marco_rubio_605_apWhat a sad transformation it’s been to see Senator Marco Rubio go from being a Tea Party hero to an apologist for the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill.

Promises, promises, promises, and more promises. Not a one kept, not a word left unbroken.

Let me ask again, do you really think we can vote our way out of this mess? Am I telling you not to vote? No, I still vote, but for 32 years I have voted for the lesser evil. I have no confidence my vote will change anything. In 32 years I have only found about 3 or 4 worth voting for, and only one of them ran for president and he never made it further than the primary.

And yes, I was fooled, I thought maybe, just maybe Rubio would bring something new to the table. Wrong again. Same old same old. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Next election I will vote against Rubio, even if I have to write someone in.



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