Politics: Karl Rove leading effort to stop the Tea Party and conservative grass roots | CainTV

Republican political strategist Karl Rove walks the floor of the Republican National Convention in Tampa

Politics: Karl Rove leading effort to stop the Tea Party and conservative grass roots | CainTV.

If there was one big loser on November 6th – other than Mitt Romney – it was Karl Rove. Despite trying to portray himself as little more than an observer, “the architect” had his hands all over the election. Via his two political organizations, Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies and American Crossroads, Rove squandered hundreds of millions of dollars and came away with absolutely nothing to show for it.

First, he spent months bragging that he’d managed to raise $300 million to spend in the upcoming contest.  Then, he blew $176 Million on commercials backing Mitt Romney.  Then, he spent millions more purchasing spots that were designed to help a whole host of candidates for the Senate and the House.

10 out of 12 would-be Senators and 4 out of 9 hopeful representatives lost their races.

When it was all over, Rove had burned through (by some accounts) close to $400 million dollars.  Yet, in nearly every Rove-involved race, the GOP got hammered.  This, of course, led to his on-air Fox News meltdown and a temporary ejection from his “contributor” gig.

Now, Rove’s back and looking for a fight.

Has he realized that the GOP lost because 3 Million Republicans stayed home?  Does he understand that they largely did so because they viewed the candidate as too wishy-washy and not conservative enough? Is he suggesting that the party mend fences with its own base in order to choose better candidates and move their cause forward?


He’s decided that he needs to wipe out the Tea Party. Rove and the other GOP elites have settled on the idea that the grass roots conservative movement is the problem, and they’re circling the wagons in order to destroy it.

Rove will only wipe out the Tea Party if the people of the Tea Party allow him.

Every time a real conservative shows up in the Republican party they are immediately ostracized.  I left the Republican party because I am no longer really sure what they stand for, they claim to be conservative but their own actions deny it.

Why is a grassroots conservative movement a problem?  Rove says he wants to start a grassroots conservative movement.  What’s wrong with the Tea Party?  The problem is elitist have no control over it.  The Tea Party is headless.  Each Tea Party organization operates independently of the others.  They can choose to stand together or not.

Maybe the real problem is there is just too much freedom within the Tea Party.

Elitist are easily identified because they do not like those who think for themselves.





3 thoughts on “Politics: Karl Rove leading effort to stop the Tea Party and conservative grass roots | CainTV

  1. Let Rove be the visible blowhard of the Republicrats…why on earth anyone would identify wiith his ideals and arrogance is beyond me. He epitomizes the party of Babel well…..DISGUSTING and WORTHLESS!

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