Quiet Conversations, Preparing to Engage the Enemies of Liberty


A Society Preparing for War

TL Davis Deadly Quiet Conversations

The enemies of Liberty are moving and moving swiftly through an invited crisis that exploits dead children as a tool to achieve their goals.  In full public view these enemies wring their hands and fret, crocodile tears running down their cheeks, screaming repeatedly, “We must stop the insanity!”.  Behind the wizards curtain they dance on the graves of victims, killed by monsters they created.  It is a morbid display.

In the eyes of Patriots, hell is on holiday in our once great nation.  The cancerous evil of tyranny is working to cut off the hands of Patriots by taking away any means of defense against their liberty stealing machine.  Suddenly we find the creeping tyranny standing at our doorstep, fangs in full view, ready to suck the last remaining drops of blood from liberty.

On mornings where we were hard to get up, Dad used a little ice-cold water to the face.  It was a rude and offensive shock to the system that turned slumber into fury.  And fury is what we need in Patriots right now, not fear, not intimidation, but the wrath of patriotic fury.  Our liberty senses have been splashed with the cold waters of tyranny and oppression.  It is beyond time to be awake.  It is time to prepare and stoke the fires of fury.  It was fury that stirred Patriots to action in 1775.  The tyrant King George needed to confiscate the means of self-defense.  His plan back fired and he suffered the wrath of Patriot’s fury.

We stand were those Patriots stood in 1775, will we bring tyrants to their knees or will they bring us to our knees?  If we allow them to bring us to our knees we may never stand again.  Our founders and framers hoped for peaceful secession but it was not meant to be.  But freedom and liberty are man’s most precious commodities and the price is steep.  We must realize that when we are relieved of our liberties, we will shortly be relieved all else we own.

Our ground is no more treacherous than the ground that our fore fathers stood on.  Many found their neighbors in support of the tyrants will.  Nathan Hale wasn’t hung in jolly old England, he was hung in New York.  Some historians believe he was actually identified to the British by loyalist.  Many times the ground taken by Patriots was scattered with loyalists to the crown.

We need to be having deadly quiet conversations, we need to be preparing for war.  Make no mistake, our enemies are having deadly quiet conversations and making plans to pull liberty to the ground and dance upon its remains.  They are preparing their war machines.

We should be doing no less.

Resist or be slave.

I resist.


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