Pro Libertate: Put Not Your Trust In Federalized Sheriffs

Pro Libertate: Put Not Your Trust In Federalized Sheriffs.

Watch Citrus County Deputy break his oath to defend the Constitution. Government only wants your guns for 1 reason. So they can do to your whatever they want.

“I will not enforce an unconstitutional law against any citizen of Smith County,” insisted Sheriff Larry Smith. The sheriff wants his constituents to believe that he would refuse to participate in a federally mandated gun grab, or permit one to be carried out by federal officials within his jurisdiction. Yet ten days before Smith offered that assurance, his office had taken part in an early-morning SWAT rampage throughout East Texas in which 73 warrants were served as part of the federal government’s patently unconstitutional war on drugs.

As long as any sheriff’s office is on the take for any federal program, they are an extension of the federal government, by default according to the federal government.

How many unconstitutional laws do sheriffs offices all over the country uphold everyday?  Many, nation wide.

Beware, your sheriff’s office may just be creating an illusion.



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