From “fertile” to fertilizer: a debunking of the revisionist history of the origins of the Second Amendment « Bob Owens

stalinIndocAnother great piece by Bob Owens.  Right now is about the time that the revisionist start revising the history of the 2nd Amendment with made up facts discovered in a spiral note-book written in their own hand writing that magically becomes some ancient lost text miraculously discovered by the revisionist who wrote it passing it off as fact.

Did you get all that?  Typical Marxist rhetoric, it doesn’t make sense, it will never make sense.  Here is the easy interpretation.  They are made up lies masquerading as truth.  Why now?  To convince people that the 2A is evil and Congress needs to pass bad law to fix a nonexistent problem.

This is a moral issue.  Guns have no morality.  Only the people who use them have morals.

Read Mr. Owen’s piece and get some education into revisionism.

In recent days, Truthout—yes, the organization repeatedly discredited by Plamegate truther Jason Leopold—has generated some small amount of attention for itself by publishing an article by an obscure radio talk show host, which claims the Second Amendment to the Constitution was ratified to preserve the institution of slavery.

Don’t laugh… he appears to be earnest. At least, don’t laugh yet.

The Truthout piece was a lazy summation and further spinning of an actual academic article by a University of California academic named (appropriately) Bogus, called,The Hidden History of the Second Amendment. It was a history so hidden that it wasn’t discovered until 1998, more than 200 years after the Constitution and Bill of Rights were ratified.

Bogus was such a thorough researcher that he discovered that the Second Amendment had very little at all to do with the fact that a fledgling nation birthed from an failed attempt at gun control would actually want to make sure that future tyrants would not attempt to disarm them again. Nope… that was too obvious, too in your face, too accepted by two hundred years of academic scholarship, the Founder Father’s own writings, contemporary news from that time period, feeling, and social mores.

From “fertile” to fertilizer: a debunking of the revisionist history of the origins of the Second Amendment « Bob Owens.

Lies, more lies, and damned lies.

Prepare to resist.



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