Neither Guns Nor More Laws Will Fix What’s Wrong in America

Neither Guns Nor More Laws Will Fix What’s Wrong in America.

From the article:

Those who watch The Ten Commandments on television never get to see DeMille make his speech.
DeMille considered the topic of freedom under God’s law to be the movie’s most important message. In his rare on-screen appearance, he explained his reason for re-making The Ten Commandments (there was a 1923 silent version):
The theme of this picture is whether men ought to be ruled by God’s laws or whether they are to be ruled by the whims of a dictator like Rameses. Are men the property of the State or are they free souls under God? This same battle continues throughout the world today.”

Mankind has always had to fight for freedom.  Would be tyrants are always in our midst, they succeed when men choose not to act.  Tyrants work to discourage men from acting usually through fear and promises of severe reprisals visited upon those who would resist.  Most will choose to do nothing and their reasons are many for sitting idle, resting on the porch.

The story of Moses and The Exodus is a fascinating story.  The children of Israel that were led out of Egypt murmured and complained all along the way.  Finally when they came to the borders of the promised land they looked at the enemy and decided he was to big and to powerful.  Long story short, that generation was so morally corrupt they could not win.  They only thing they could do was complain.  But their children were different, their children posed the faith and the strength to take the promised land.

I am wondering if my generation has the moral will to fight.  I am wondering if most, like the children of Israel fresh out of Egypt, just chose to sit on the porch complaining.  The morally bankrupt will always chose the easy way, they will always try to sit out the hostilities on the porch.  Eventually the enemies of liberty and freedom will take your porch from you.  They will push you until you either comply or die.  There is no middle ground in the battle for liberty and freedom.  You will pick a side or one will be picked for you.

Will you bow to tyrants or will you resist?


2 thoughts on “Neither Guns Nor More Laws Will Fix What’s Wrong in America

    • That is a very interesting perspective, I also agree with the general theme. And, to a certain extent, it follows some of Bracken’s hypothesis. As far as the list of cities go, I would say the top 100. Places like southern Comiefornia, everything in the Boston to Buffalo to DC triangle, may turn into utter wasteland from the violence. Small town America may fair better, especially those far away from large metros.

      But as you say, we have a limited view and time will tell the story. I will post this later, it is well worth reading.

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