Bob Costas: Another Kool-Aid Drinking Liberal Idiot

(H/T Consent of the Governed)

What are the odds that I will be killed by a gun?  The answer is 0, zero, nada, none.  Guns don’t kill, people kill other people, a gun is nothing more than a tool.

In 2007 there were 31,224 total deaths by gun shots.  17,352 were suicides.  Leaving 12,632 by homicide.  So the odds that you will kill yourself are actually better than someone else shooting you.  Year after year the greater part of the death toll is due to suicide.

In 2007 there were 41,059 total deaths on our highways.  15,387 were due to drunk drivers, that’s almost 3,000 more than those killed in a homicide.

So my question to Bob is this: why aren’t you calling for Prohibition as well?  More people die from drunk driving than from gun violence.  I doubt well see Bob calling for Prohibition.  That’s all right Bob just throw back another beer.  More people die in car wrecks, we should really do away with cars before guns simply because they kill more people.  Don’t hold your breath for that one either.

Bob, like all of his useful-idiot-counter-parts in the Dem/Com media, don’t give a crap if you and I are gunned down.  He didn’t know Belcher and he doesn’t give a crap for him.  No, Bob is your typical Dem/Com liberal, he doesn’t even really know why he doesn’t like guns.  He was told in college that they are bad and he will never challenge what he was taught.  He was taught by Dem/Com professors that only police and military personal should have guns, the rest of us should never even look at them let alone touch one.  Once out of college Dem/Com puppet masters kept reiterating the same lies, time and time again.  Bob is thoroughly convinced that they are evil.  He knows this because that is what his masters told him to think and like all the other good little puppets of the Dem/Coms he will think nothing else.

You will never win him back from the dark side.

Criminals and politicians love the unarmed pheasant because they are subjects to be ruled.  The man with a gun is a citizen and he may possess the will to fight back.  Citizens with firearms pose to many risks for criminals and politicians.  Put a bear in a cage and he is harmless.  You can taunt him, throw stuff at him, poke him with long sticks, all the bear can do is growl in his cage.  But put that same bear out in the woods where he can get to you, whole different ballgame.  Maybe the bear will attack, maybe he won’t but people are far less likely to be poking him with sticks out in the wild.  Taking guns away from the law abiding citizen is like putting him in a cage.  The government will always possess the means to do its citizens harm, that is always a part of the Adamic nature of government.

Dem/Com useful idiots like Bob don’t understand the nature of government.  They have no clue of the long history of abuseful governments through out the world from every time period and age.  Historically governments are far more likely to do harm than good.  The puppets are not teachable, not until they are being ground up in the machine of government.  Then they stand there and wonder how did this ever happen.

Our founders and framers understood the Adamic nature of government.  They understood that governments are far more likely to do harm than good.  They understood that governments are not run by saints, they are run by sinners, and in some cases government attracts the worst kinds of sinners.

Like all the other puppets, Bob is living in a bubble.  A bubble that is deflating even as I write this, soon the puppets will experience somethings they have only seen on TV.  They may even find themselves doing things they never dreamed they would do.  For now, they have their 3 car garage in the cul-de-sac, with a pool out back and BBQ weekends.  They have plush bank accounts of worthless dollars, and not near enough food in the pantry.  But hey, the grocery store is just around the corner…

Dad used to say you can learn easy or you can learn hard.  Easy, I speak it, you get it and live by it.  Hard, just ignore my instruction and see what happens.  I’m pretty sure the puppets are going to be doing some hard learning here shortly.


2 thoughts on “Bob Costas: Another Kool-Aid Drinking Liberal Idiot

  1. SOOO, when are all the brave “he-men” gonna make a stand out there? Anyone care to offer up a boycott of the Nutbag Fuckup League? Come-on all you couch potato patriots….where do you stand……futball or 2A? Why so quiet out there? Where’s the all knowing maha Rushy, NFLs gameboy calling for action? BWHAHAHAHA.

    The power of the zombie patriots patronizing the NFL alone would be enough to send the dweeb Costas packing if they would act as a unit and let the NFL how unhappy they are with such crap. Cancel your TeeVee subscription to the NFL for a week???, boycott a week’s worth of going to games???….GASP…the horror! The thought wouldn’t cross their minds. Throw spitballs from the sidelines, peck at keyboards, yep…that’ll show the NFL we mean business. The NFL don’t give a shit about the zombie patriots or your 2A rights if that’s all the fight you all have in you. Pussies!!!!

    • I agree. I stopped watching pro football in 1982 when they went on strike. I stopped watching pro baseball when they went on strike in 1994. I have not purchased a single ticket to either in more than 30 years. I never watched basketball. I own no pro sports anything paraphernalia.

      Turning them off, especially the cable sports packages (or whatever they call those) would really send a message. Stop buying their junk and things will change. Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing them all go away.


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