Driving the Nails

November Consumer Confidence at More than 4 Year High

They just keep banging on the drums, of course that’s all sock puppets can do really.

Evidently, they believe that if they say it long enough and loud enough we will believe it.  Once we all believe than everything will automagically work out.  Maybe we should all get red slippers, click our heels together, and chant, “we need another loan, we need another loan, we need another loan”.

Sorry this ain’t the movies and we ain’t Dorothy, however there are evil wizards about.  Unfortunately they have all put run out of magic.  The curtain has been pulled down and we know there is nothing mystical back there that can correct our financial hurricane that is barreling down on us at terrific speed.

And there never was any magic behind that current, only illusions of grandeur created by wizards passing out credit cards, auto loans, and home loans.  The real American dream died long ago, it died quietly in obscurity with no mourners.  And the dream was not murdered by gunshot or knife, no it was done in by the poison of easy money and gratuitous lifestyle based on licentiousness.  That same sad song that has done in many a civilization.

The Pied Piper cometh.

Eighteen years later, nothing has been done. Why? The usual reason is that entitlement reform is the third rail of American politics. That explanation presupposes voter demand for entitlements at any cost, even if it means bankrupting the nation.

A better explanation is that the full extent of the problem has remained hidden from policy makers and the public because of less than transparent government financial statements. How else could responsible officials claim that Medicare and Social Security have the resources they need to fulfill their commitments for years to come?

Is it me or does that last question seem a bit naive?  How about the fact that our current bottom of the barrel politicians what to be elected for life.  And the best way to do that is to buy the votes, and the master of all schemes but the votes with somebody elses money.  

No sir, the magic is all used up.  And the only ones we can blame are all those who believed in such nonsense to begin with.


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