There Are Laws that Cannot Be Ignored

H/T to Liberty Pen for this piece Magical Thinking will not stop the layoffs.

This is a very good article which exposes some of the stupid thinking within the liberal mind.  As I read it, for whatever reason (maybe its just the way my brain works) I started thinking about the laws of thermodynamics.  I remembered British scientist C. P. Snow, he came up with a funny way of remembering the three laws.

  1. You cannot win
  2. You cannot break even
  3. You cannot get out of the game

Form the article:

Medical supply giant Stryker is the latest company to announce job cuts in anticipation of coming costs associated with Obamacare, even though the man who inherited a fortune from the company’s founder is a fan.

The company will cut 1,170 jobs, or five percent of its worldwide workforce, despite the fact that the founder’s grandson was one of the largest contributors to President Obama’s re-election campaign. Medical tech scion Jon Stryker, whose net worth is currently estimated at $1.2 billion, contributed $2 million to the Priorities USA Action super PAC and has given $66,000 in contributions to Obama and the Democratic Party. Stryker does not run the company.

I always find stupid actions to be appalling, wasteful, and completely unnecessary. Jon Stryker is a prime example of stupid thinking, though I would be willing to be my next couple of paychecks that he thinks he is one of the smartest guys on the planet.  Because I have had to deal with more than a few of these stupid rich types.

And don’t think for a minute I am disparaging the wealthy, I am not.  Jon Stryker the typical do nothing but inherited a fortune billionaire.  It is funny how these types think because somebody else, usually a family member, had the brains to make a fortune they are also of “high intelligence”.

And these guys always think they some have the money and intelligence to create utopia, or the power to help those who have the vision of some sick utopia.  The reality is they are myopic, obtuse, narrow minded, and intolerant.  Just take a look at the top 10% of contributors to Obama’s campaigns.

But soon they will find that:

  1. They have started a game they cannot win
  2. They will not break even, there is no collecting 200 bucks for passing go
  3. They will face the same pain and misery as everyone else, the do not have intelligence to escape the coming doom.

What these idiots don’t realize is when the system is collapsed, everything gets reset to zero.  And they are part of everyone.



3 thoughts on “There Are Laws that Cannot Be Ignored

  1. Another very astute observation. There will be a lot of people in crisis mode when the reset happens, and I won’t have any empathy for them, they chose to cause this. For those of us in the community, I’ll help as I can if I survive the first round, for everyone else, checkmate.

    Have as good of a Thanksgiving day as you can, C, Stay Safe

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