War On Drugs Pinellas County Officials Punish Public

Pinellas County gov, banning soap.

In an effort to “win the war on drugs” (another war brought to you by the abstract noun), Pinellas County, Florida, officials have decided to ban certain soaps and incense for the good of us all.  Florida has already banned 90 chemicals used in synthetic marijuana, this is supposed to close some “lope holes” on yet more chemicals.

The fact is the chemists who make this stuff change their recipes so much that is next to impossible for a ban to be effective.  Basically these bans open up the door for law enforcement to strike at non drug users as well.  Buying pseudoephedrine hydrochloride at your local drug store now requires you register the purchase.  If you buy to often SWAT will kick down your door and haul you off to jail. [NOTE: My wife informed me that here in Florida, if you buy from the same pharmacy you will be stopped from making the purchase.  So this may have been changed nation wide.

See: Woman arrested for buying to much cold medicine.  Another Arrest And another ]

When you buy the product your name, address, and drivers license number are registered in a database.  If you turn around and buy again to soon, you are allowed to make the purchase instead of being stopped at the register.  No, instead a warrant is sworn out for your arrest without any evidence.  If this really is about stopping the making of the drug why aren’t you stopped at the counter when you try to purchase too much?

Drug use is simply just another sign of a spiritual problem in our nation.  The war on drugs is simply an attack against a symptom and not the real problem.  But politicians and bureaucrats would rather attack a symptom because it allows for more control.  It is a way of stealing liberty and freedom.  In one sense, the war on drugs really promotes drug use so that politicians can have an excuse to take away more liberty.  They use it as a conditioning exercise to get us used to having our liberty and freedom striped from us piece meal.  These politicians will not stop until they have all your liberty.

We need to elect politicians that understand the problem and will stop attacking liberty and freedom.  Our problem is a spiritual one and there is no law which can correct this problem.


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